Working the niches


Introducing SAFFLOWER. Ever heard of it? Maybe “Carthamus Tinctorius” rings a bell? Known as the world’s most ancient crop, it has excellent oxidative stability, presses easily, has a high yield on marginal land, has a nutty odour & taste and light yellow in colour with 90 – 95% unsaturated fats and a great source of linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid and with a lindeic (C18:2) component of 72 – 80%. It eagerly awaits introduction into this and other up-markets. Traditionally Safflower is an oil originating in the Middle East and still mostly used there. The crop grows well in areas like Colorado in the USA (semi arid) and is rotated there with winter wheat and barley, followed by one fallow year. Never follow on or with sunflower. There are effective herbicides registered in the US for use on Safflower. Trials in North Dakota and Montana indicates that it would out-yield most other crops such as mustard, sunflower, soybean, crambe, flax & rapeseed. Harvest the seeds with a grain header on a combine at 400 – 550RPM and on a 22 inch cylinder. Follow through with pressing the oil.

ABC Hansen has a special offer, on small pressing plants.

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