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Hippo mills the market leaders in the USA for the production of cannabis/hemp processing and milling.

Our Hippo mills are currently one of the market leaders in the USA for the production of cannabis/hemp processing and milling.   See the testimonial below of one of our happy customers – who bought a Hippo 57 through our dealer Pleasant Hill Grain:   “We got the #69 Hippo to process hemp into a […]

Catnip Milling

Another day, another test. This time we tested the Universal mill for milling Catnip – or also known as catswort or catmint – scientific name is Nepeta Cataria. We ran the catnip through the Universal Mill, using the hammer mill attachment at 2000RPM, and the results speak for themselves. We milled the first batch through […]

The HDD detroyer: Hippo Mills new test results

We here at Hippo Mills do all kinds of tests on our mills. This week we milled a computer hard drive of a client. The Hippo Hammer mill destroyed the hard disk drive in a matter of seconds. The hippo mill can be used as an HDD destroyer. See below the photos we took of […]

Hippo Mills donates to Endangered Wildlife trust

ABC Hansen Africa donates money to the Endangered Wildlife Trust for every Hippo Hammer Mill sold. From the beginning of this year until now we have manufactured and sold over 60 Hippo Hammer Mills. A percentage of each of those mills went to the Endangered Wildlife Trust.

Hippo Hammer Mill Kickstarter

  Features and Benefits of the ABC Hansen “Kick-Starter”: Electric motors can draw up to 4 times the rated amps of the motor on start-up. This means that a 55kW motor can require up to 440 amps on start-up. It also means that the peak electricity demand would be set at this amperage, resulting in […]

A Hippo Saved my Life

Struggling and suffering in Zimbabwe with food shortages and a family to provide for, I was at the end of my rope when my husband, who works in South Africa, brought back a Hippo hammer mill with diesel engine over Easter weekend….. Hippos kill many people in Africa but this Hippo saved my life and […]

Hippo Mills – an Original Story of The Great Age

In the fall of 1928 the Hippo hammer mill was officially launched at the Royal Show in Pietermaritzburg, capital of Natal, Province just three years after the Prince of Wales opened the show in 1925. The mill was named after Hubert the hippo who caused big scale damage to crops in the area. This was a time when the motor […]

Milling and dust

Dust generated by a mill 2

For smaller mills, and especially mills like hammer mills that runs at high RPM, dust is one of the biggest problems for a milling enterprise. It’s not only a health hazard to those working with the machine and in its surrounds, but it wastes a great deal of product and it may be the cause […]

Value adding to maize part 2

When talking about value adding – a subject becoming more and more important to farmers in particular (especially when the maize price is entrenching itself well below the R1,000 per ton mark) –  the conversation often starts and end at milling. It should really start with cleaning and storage, the minimum any farmer can do […]

Value adding to maize Part 1

How Ethanol is Made – Courtesy the “Renewable Fuels Association” The production of ethanol or ethyl alcohol from starch or sugar-based feed stocks is among man’s earliest ventures into value-added processing. While the basic steps remain the same, the process has been considerably refined in recent years, leading to a very efficient process. There are […]