Hippo mills the market leaders in the USA for the production of cannabis/hemp processing and milling.

Our Hippo mills are currently one of the market leaders in the USA for the production of cannabis/hemp processing and milling.


See the testimonial below of one of our happy customers – who bought a Hippo 57 through our dealer Pleasant Hill Grain:


“We got the #69 Hippo to process hemp into a small particle for an ethanol extraction process to extract the cannabinoids (CBD). Using a 10mm screen in a 6-7 hour shift, we’re comfortably processing 3,000 pounds per day. We could easily step up production output if needed.

With one added component, the Hippo is performing very well for us. When we first got it, the 60 HP motor was running at approximately 4,700 RPM’s and grinding finer than we wanted. To control the speed of the motor we installed a variable frequency drive (VFD) and now the mill produces the ideal particle size for ethanol extraction of CBD. The revolutions per minute were reduced to 2,300. We achieved this by reducing the frequency by 50% to 30HZ. Now the size of the particle is similar to that of material you would place in a pre roll cigarette. We normally run dry biomass however if a batch comes through with a slight increase in moisture content we can increase the HZ on the VFD to ensure the material runs through the mill cleanly.

Our milling room is about 1500 square feet, with a 12 foot ceiling. At the end of the shift there’s some fine dust on the floor, which we just mop up. The 8 filter bag system installed on the mill works well in securing the majority of the dust created in processing. We use the tie that comes with the super sacks to secure the bag to the bottom of the cyclone. Once filled, we replace it with a new bag. We use compressed air to clean the internal and external parts of the mill.”



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