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Advantages of organic mulches in the orchard

E. Joubert (Subtrop) Manure, compost, woodchips, slashed material and pruned branches are commonly used as organic mulches in the orchard1. There are many agricultural advantages to correctly applied organic mulches in the soil2,3. These advantages include the presence of natural micro-organisms that enhances plant growth, plant health and product quality1,4,5. Micro-organisms generally include bacteria, fungi, […]

Avocado root rot control program

This work was motivated by the presentations given by Elizabeth Dann at the SAAGA research symposium and phosphonate workshop held in February 2017. Compiled by Nico Claassens & Elsje Joubert Reviewed & improved by Stephan Schoeman & Henk Kuperus 1. New Plantings 1.1 Soil preparation 1.1.1 Do a deep cross-rip of the new orchard. 1.1.2 […]

7 Reasons to buy a Grizzly Wood Chipper

1.      Grizzly wood Chippers are made in Canada and are exported to the USA, South America, Northern and Southern Europe, Australia and now Africa 2.      Grizzly Wood Chippers adhere to the highest EU safety specifications 3.      Grizzly Wood Chippers standard with a 2 year warranty on all parts excluding wear parts 4.      Grizzly Wood Chippers are easy to maintain […]