Hippo Hammer Mill Kickstarter


Features and Benefits of the ABC Hansen “Kick-Starter”:

Electric motors can draw up to 4 times the rated amps of the motor on start-up. This means that a 55kW motor can require up to 440 amps on start-up. It also means that the peak electricity demand would be set at this amperage, resulting in large peak demand charges, often more than a whole month’s consumption.

This is the case even with VFD’s and soft starts and while the amperage may be only somewhat lower, the cost of soft starters for large motors is also high. The other alternative is to install a capacitor bank which again is very expensive and only partly successful if not at full large motor capacity. The other problem is that capacitors would take up the load of the all motors in the factory, therefore when the large motor is started while the other motors is running, it may very quickly run out of capacity.

It is also useful where a factory power supply is limited and the main breaker goes into overcapacity and trips whenever the large motor is started.


ABC Hansen manufactures a “Kick Starter” to get the large motor, not under load, in motion, reducing the time it requires high amperage and also limiting the start-up amperage demand.


The system may be supplied at a low cost with a manual application or at slightly higher cost with fully automated application.

Where a more sophisticated system is required, it would involve the “kick-starter” with soft start or VFD where the large motor is simply started as before.

Push the Kick Start mechanism firmly towards the main drive motor. While the mechanism is moving forward the Kick Start motor will energise(rotate).

Make sure to firmly engage the drive mechanism and apply great force so that the wheels do not slip.

After 10 seconds the soft starter will energize and the main drive motor will start rotating. At this moment the Kick Start will stop rotating, now you must return the Mechanism to its park position.

If you need to stop the Kick Start unit, return the mechanism to the park (neutral)l position before the 10 seconds has expired.

Once the Soft starter has energized the Green run light will illuminate and when the Hippo is up to speed and ready for use, the Amber Light will be on.

To stop the operation in any of the above sequence, turn the On/Off switch to the Off (Stop) position.

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