Moringa Oil Test

The test was started with the worm in the open position, and product was fed into it to start the warm up process. The cake was mixed with the product to speed up the warm up process. This took a while because the product press easily and there are not a lot of resistance from the product side. The worm was closed as the machine warms up. The product with the husk still on was tested first. The product pressed easily and a thin cake could be produced without burning the cake. The oil also came out easily.


While the press was running we changed the product to the product without the husk. The product pressed well but due to the absence of the husk the cake came out to easily from the press and by doing that some amount of oil came out with the cake, that can be because without the husk the resistance inside the press is less, that would cause the oil not to be pressed through the press rings.


The product with the husk on was then introduced into the press again, and everything changed back to where it was before. The cake came out thinner and the oil did not come out of the end with the cake, and the cake came out thin sheets as with the product without the husk the cake was wet and folded up.


The conclusion is that the product with the husk pressed better than the product without the husk.


The whole test was just more than an hour and plus minus 100 kg of product was processed, if the warm up time is deducted from the running time and you will be able to do in the region of 100 kg per hour.


The capacity is dependent on the quality of the seed, moisture and conditioned or not.

Moringa before

Moringa after

Moringa Oil

Moringa Oil after press.

Youtube Video on the Oil Expeller :

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