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Niche Food Processing will always remain prime business

Focus on Artisanal Wheat & Ancient Grain Milling Wheat – that grain used for our daily bread and descendant of the ancient grains originally grown and selected in the fertile crescent and the mainstay of the agricultural revolution, in modern times was the domain of large scale industrial mills, very often due to centralized government […]

Oil Expelling: Crambe Seeds


What does a pelleting system consist of?

Why pellet? The most obvious reasons are: •             Better digestibility; •             Less waste during consumption and transportation & storage; •             More assured intake of all elements; •             Conversion of powdery / unpalatable ingredients to concentrated feed and ensuring separated mixed ingredients are all consumed; •             Higher bulk density and therefore less storage & transportation space; […]


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By Dr André van der Vyver, University of Pretoria Grain storage has been a politically sensitive issue since the beginning of the 20th century. In the early 1900s there was hardly any grain storage available in South Africa and the few facilities that existed belonged to milling companies such as Premier Milling in Newtown, Johannesburg which erected […]

ExPress® Soymeal in Swine: New Data

Insta Pro® is constantly evaluating new and existing processing technologies at our Hanson & Said Research and Development Center and testing ingredients through multiple animal feeding trials throughout the year. In 2018, a study was conducted at the University of Illinois to update information on digestibility of amino acids and energy concentrations in ExPress® soymeal with respect to hexane-extracted […]

Nampo 2019 and ABC Hansen

As usual, the ABC Hansen with its Hippo Mills and Scanwood Solution division again has something special to offer our customers at Nampo. This year our focus is on animal feed production through different routes. Our Danish sister company Cormall has, for many years focussed in straw, hay and silage processing mainly to the biomass […]

Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) test with our Universal Mill

Today we tested ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) , for a baking ingredients supplier through our Universal Mill using the pin attachment with great result.   The ascorbic acid was milled through the stainless steel pin mill, running at 4,000RPM, and the result after milling was 87% through a 212micron screen in a single pass at […]

ABC Hansen at the Gulf food show in Dubai

Delivery of Grizzly Chippers to Pecan Country

It was the middle of July, on a cold winter’s morning.  Scanwood Solutions delivered two Grizzly chippers to Nutmech in the heart Pecan Country in the heart of the Vaalharts Irrigation Scheme. Nutmech had arranged the sale, subsequent delivery and demonstration of two models of Chippers, the Grizzly 180 ( and the Grizzly 250 ( […]