Textured soy protein (tsp) part ii

Soy bean used in oil expelling

As you read in part 1 of this blog, we discussed the current desire to eat healthier which has resulted in an increased demand for textured soy protein (TSP) as a protein replacement due to its affordability and ability to blend well. In part 2, we will discuss what items you need to produce TSP as well as current market trends. There are two very different approaches to produce TSP and Insta-Pro can help you with either option that makes sense for you. First, is to mechanically process your own soy ingredient utilizing the ExPress® system. The second is to purchase solvent extracted soybean meal or flour. I will walk you through both and their trade-offs.

Mechanically Processed ExPress Meal
In order to produce TSP, you must have the proper equipment and ingredients to ensure a quality end product. If you are using a mechanical process to make it, you will need a dehuller, in addition to the Insta-Pro High Shear Extruder, Insta-Pro press and cooler along with additional support equipment. The extruder and press are used to extract oil, then the product is cooled. At that point the soy is prepped for the Insta-Pro TSP extruder, cut, dried and cooled. The advantage of this approach is that soy still has 6-8% oil and it has been prepared by the high shear extruder giving it a superior taste and mouth feel. The challenge to this approach is it is a higher investment. If you currently have an ExPress® plant (Extruder + Press = Oil and Meal), you can more easily include additional equipment to process TSP at a lower capital investment.

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