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A Hippo Saved my Life

Struggling and suffering in Zimbabwe with food shortages and a family to provide for, I was at the end of my rope when my husband, who works in South Africa, brought back a Hippo hammer mill with diesel engine over Easter weekend….. Hippos kill many people in Africa but this Hippo saved my life and […]

Value adding to maize Part 1

How Ethanol is Made – Courtesy the “Renewable Fuels Association” The production of ethanol or ethyl alcohol from starch or sugar-based feed stocks is among man’s earliest ventures into value-added processing. While the basic steps remain the same, the process has been considerably refined in recent years, leading to a very efficient process. There are […]

4 Reasons to buy a Containerized Maize Mill

Compact No installation costs at site required. Optionally a diesel generator may be included. A Grain intake and storage system in containers above the milling container can be installed. Ideal for moving the milling system when required to do so and where no infrastructure exists.