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Buckets for Elevators – Steel or Plastic?

Many buyers of buckets for elevators, have concerns about replacing their steel buckets with plastic. The question of whether static electricity generated when using plastic buckets and the subsequent danger of dust explosion is often mentioned. Here are some facts to consider before making up your mind: As regards Static Electricity: A static conducive belt […]

Grain Drying, Handling & Storage Handbook

Grain handling, silo

Still, some copies left from the last consignment. If you think about grain storage, buy the book first. It’s now selling at R220 including VAT, still the best bargain of your life. One of the many valuable tables in this publication shows the relationship of grain temperature and moisture content to storage in days as […]

The risk of NOT storing you own grain

The risk of NOT storing you own grain is important and includes: Central storage may decide not to accommodate farmer’s stock any longer – this amounts to forcing you to sell to central storage. Silos may be leased by the current owner in total to the large food corporations, leaving you to find storage many […]