Delivery of Grizzly Chippers to Pecan Country

It was the middle of July, on a cold winter’s morning.  Scanwood Solutions delivered two Grizzly chippers to Nutmech in the heart Pecan Country in the heart of the Vaalharts Irrigation Scheme.

Nutmech had arranged the sale, subsequent delivery and demonstration of two models of Chippers, the Grizzly 180 ( and the Grizzly 250 ( The chippers were demonstrated using Kubota orchard tractors. The wood supplied was freshly hedged Pecan Nut. James Pitout of Scanwood Solutions was on hand to provide product knowledge and training on the two models on display.

The farmers were impressed with the chipping ability of the chippers. One asked me if it could keep up with his staff feeding wood into the chipper. I replied by saying his staff wouldn’t be possible for his staff to overfeed it.

Farmers’ comments about the chipper included many remarks on the rugged build of the chippers; the ease of maintenance as well as the affordability thereof. They also appreciated the availability of spares in South Africa and the three-year warranty.

The success of the day was revealed in the sale of two further chippers during the demonstrations.


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