About us


ABCAfrica is incorporated in South Africa as part of the ABC Hansen / Cormall group of companies from Denmark, and manufactures, distributes, imports and exports agro processing and food processing equipment and engineers complete turnkey plants for a variety of industries including grain storage, milling and oil processing industries.


The company specializes in solutions to processors and would-be processors and has first hand experience of operating businesses in South Africa of most of the equipment it manufactures and sells. Its depth of knowledge therefore is not limited to the manufacture of machines only, and it has successfully operated maize mills, wheat mills, oil expelling plants, bakeries, bakery ingredient blending plants, spice mills, dry food milling, extrusion and blending operations and condiment manufacturing operations. The company has an engineering division manufacturing many different types of equipment and able to extend full maintenance and repair services to its customers and on behalf of foreign principals. 


The company has been at the forefront of developing small and medium scale wheat milling systems in the early 1990’s incorporating both roller and stone mills which has become extremely popular in many parts of the world including Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Scandinavia, South America and elsewhere. The affordability of these systems offers an entrance into the market to small and medium scale enterprises. The health aspects associated with stone ground milling furthermore offers entrepreneurs access to a niche market.


The company continuously invests in research and development in expanding the range of equipment it manufactures.


The group maintains offices or representatives in Denmark, Poland, South Africa, Ghana, Ethiopia, Ukraine, Russia, Kenya, Namibia and India.


The company represents many foreign manufacturers on a sole or part agency basis.