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Buckets for Elevators – Steel or Plastic?

Many buyers of buckets for elevators, have concerns about replacing their steel buckets with plastic. The question of whether static electricity generated when using plastic buckets and the subsequent danger of dust explosion is often mentioned. Here are some facts to consider before making up your mind: As regards Static Electricity: A static conducive belt […]

Grain Drying, Handling & Storage Handbook

Grain handling, silo

Still, some copies left from the last consignment. If you think about grain storage, buy the book first. It’s now selling at R220 including VAT, still the best bargain of your life. One of the many valuable tables in this publication shows the relationship of grain temperature and moisture content to storage in days as […]

Working the niches

Introducing SAFFLOWER. Ever heard of it? Maybe “Carthamus Tinctorius” rings a bell? Known as the world’s most ancient crop, it has excellent oxidative stability, presses easily, has a high yield on marginal land, has a nutty odour & taste and light yellow in colour with 90 – 95% unsaturated fats and a great source of […]

Value adding to maize part 2

When talking about value adding – a subject becoming more and more important to farmers in particular (especially when the maize price is entrenching itself well below the R1,000 per ton mark) –  the conversation often starts and end at milling. It should really start with cleaning and storage, the minimum any farmer can do […]

Value adding to maize Part 1

How Ethanol is Made – Courtesy the “Renewable Fuels Association” The production of ethanol or ethyl alcohol from starch or sugar-based feed stocks is among man’s earliest ventures into value-added processing. While the basic steps remain the same, the process has been considerably refined in recent years, leading to a very efficient process. There are […]

Protein is not the only measure for feed inputs.

An interesting article from Food & Beverage Reporter is quoted below. This places the issue of residual fat in mechanically pressed oilseeds in perspective. For years, feed companies only paid for oil cake on protein value, always refusing to acknowledge the benefits of slightly higher fat in the cake sold by small pressing companies. “Healthy […]

Ever heard of “Quinoa” and “Amarath”?

“Quinoa” is known as the Mother Grain, looks like a cross between millet and sesame and has been grown since 3,000 BC in the high Andes and cultivated by the Inca. Get it in yellow, pink, orange, white, black and purple! High protein and more calcium than milk. Apparently great in soups and summer salads. […]