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The risk of NOT storing you own grain

The risk of NOT storing you own grain is important and includes: Central storage may decide not to accommodate farmer’s stock any longer – this amounts to forcing you to sell to central storage. Silos may be leased by the current owner in total to the large food corporations, leaving you to find storage many […]

4 Reasons to buy a Containerized Maize Mill

Compact No installation costs at site required. Optionally a diesel generator may be included. A Grain intake and storage system in containers above the milling container can be installed. Ideal for moving the milling system when required to do so and where no infrastructure exists.

7 Reasons to buy a Grizzly Wood Chipper

1.      Grizzly wood Chippers are made in Canada and are exported to the USA, South America, Northern and Southern Europe, Australia and now Africa 2.      Grizzly Wood Chippers adhere to the highest EU safety specifications 3.      Grizzly Wood Chippers standard with a 2 year warranty on all parts excluding wear parts 4.      Grizzly Wood Chippers are easy to maintain […]